Austin Black 325

Austin Black 325



Austin Black is produced from a high quality, low volatile bituminous coal. It is a dry, finely divided powder recommended for use as a pigment and filler in a wide variety of rubber and plastic products.

Attributes in Rubber

  • Combining Austin Black with HAF or FEF carb0n blacks will produce better physical properties than thermal or SRF carbon blacks while significantly reducing compound costs.
  • Most rubber compounds can be diluted with 5 to 10 parts of Austin Black without impairing the physicals. This may reduce the compound cost by
    3 to 4%.
  • Austin Black functions as a processing aid. It facilitates air release from compounds which reduces bubble and blister problems.
  • Insulation compositions containing other standard fillers deteriorate in electrical properties following immersion in water. Compositions containing Austin Black make it ideal for companies requiring
    good electrical properties.
  • Addition of as little as 20 parts Austin Black will eliminate the disagreeable odor of a Di Cup cure system.
  • Austin Black will help minimize migration in a rubber to metal bonded product, and will significantly reduce staining of rubber compositions.