Polymer Processing Additive FX 5911

Polymer Processing Additive FX 5911



Dynamar FX 5911 is a free-flowing fluoropolymer processing aid that is designed for use at very low levels to improve processing of thermoplastics. At the very low use levels (typically 250 – 1000 ppm) necessary to improve processing, it does not alter or detract from the good physical properties associated with high strength plastics.

Features and Benefits

  • Broadens extrusion processing capabilities of polyolefin resins
  • Reduces or eliminates die build-up
  • Ideal for use in high viscosity, high molecular weight polyolefins
  • Excellent thermal stability for high temperature processing
  • Lowers apparent melt viscosity
  • For use at very low levels
  • Free-flowing fluoropolymer processing aid